The Ultimate Strategy to Eve Mining: A Detailed Guide to Amplify Your Resources


Eve Online, a world of endless galactic exploration and epic spaceship battles, underpins a compelling economic infrastructure, and mining plays an integral role in that. Whether you are new to the EVE universe or a seasoned veteran, understanding the intricacies of mining in EVE can greatly amplify your success rate. This comprehensive guide offers a deep dive into Eve Online Mining, detailing methods, ships, techniques, and strategies. All tailored for one purpose: to optimise your mining prowess.

Understanding the Basics of Eve Mining

Eve mining thrives in the subterranean bowels of Eve Online’s vast universe. It entails extracting valuable ore from asteroids using mining lasers or strip miners. This ore can be either sold directly or refined into minerals, which are a critical component in manufacturing items within the game.

Strategic Eve Mining: Ore Types and Locations

Eve Online accentuates a range of varying ores, each with its own value and mineral content. Understanding these intricacies can turn your mining expeditions extraordinarily profitable.

Veldspar and Scordite are commonly found in high-security space and are typically the stepping stone for rookie miners.

Pyroxeres, Plagioclase, and Omber are slightly more valuable and found in both high and low-security space.

Kernite, Jaspet, Hemorphite, Hedbergite, Gneiss, Dark Ochre, Crokite, Bistot, and Arkonor are highly valuable and typically found in low-security and null-security space.

Navigational skills and careful planning are critical when mining these ores, as the dangers and competition are considerably greater in less secured spaces.

Choosing the Right Mining Ship

Equally important as understanding ore types is picking the right mining ship. Eve Online offers players a range of mining ships, with specific ones designed to optimise different mining situations.

Venture is great for starters given its economic cost and ore mining efficiency.

Retriever and Covetor are advanced barges with an increased cargo capacity and yield but come with a propensity to pirate attacks due to their slower speeds.

Procurer and Skiff are robust, offering higher defense capabilities at the cost of storage and yield.

Choosing the right mining ship stems from the type of mining and the common dangers that the mining location entails.

Optimize Your Equipment for Eve Mining

Mining equipment contributes significantly to your mining success. Mining lasers extract ore from asteroids, with Strip Miners being a more efficient module for mining barges.

Mining Drones can also assist in the mining operation, providing additional yield to your mining expedition. Advanced modules like Ice Harvesters cater to specific types of mining activities, such as ice mining.

Key to remember is that the right equipment can make or break your mining success. Always keep your equipment in check, ensuring its suitability with your mining strategy.

Mastering your Eve Mining Techniques

To amplify your mining gains, consider the following techniques.

Jetcan Mining increases your mining yield but leaves minerals vulnerable to theft.

Defensive Mining optimizes your mining barges for defense against pirate attacks.

Multiboxing entails managing several mining ships simultaneously to maximize yield.

Each technique comes with its pros and cons. Evaluate each one to find the most suitable for your mining endeavours.

Forming an Eve Mining Corp

Forming a mining corp can be a lucrative approach to Eve mining. When a group of players pool their resources, they can cover more ground, yield more ore, and defend better against pirate attacks. Mining corps offer a social aspect to the game, as well as instrumental teamwork that can significantly amp up your mining profits.


The world of Eve mining is as vast as it is strategic. Maximising your potential in this realm requires understanding ore types, using the right gear, deploying efficient techniques, and even creating alliances. With this guide, you have an upper hand in navigating its complex landscape. Remember, in the world of Eve, knowledge is often the edge between a successful miner and space dust.

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